Doan Pond

Sometimes everything clicks! I took my son up to Doane Pond in San Diego County several years ago (back in the long hair days!), and we caught limits of nice sized stocked rainbows. Couldn’t have been a better way to spend a spring day.

Lose Your Net??

Henry's Fork of the Snake River below Osborn Bridge and Highway 20, adjacent to the area known as the "gravel pit" (Bob Clark)

Walking down to the Henry’s Fork in Idaho, I glanced over and saw this net hanging on a fence post.  It makes you wonder.  Did someone catch a fish that was so big it tore their net apart?  Or was it just an old net that had seen better days and the fisherman left the bones here in this fitting place.  We’ll never know, but it sure makes you wonder.

Silver Creek Store

Silver Creek Store in Picabo, Idaho, a great local market, deli and fly shop (Bob Clark)

Been to the Silver Creek Store lately?  Picabo Anglers has expanded their fly shop to include just about anything a fly fisherman might need while fishing Silver Creek.  No need to make the long trek up the valley to purchase a license, buy flies, get the latest info on the creek or upgrade your gear.  The store also has a great restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and snacks.  Next time you’re in the area, stop in!

Float Tubing Silver Creek

Fishing Guide and clients float tubing Silver Creek (Bob Clark)

Tubing the creek

These anglers are starting their day on world famous Silver Creek in Idaho with their fishing guide on Kilpatrick Pond.  This area of the creek is known for feisty large Rainbow Trout.  If you would like to order a print, clicking the image will take you to an order form on my other website,